Health Insurance

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Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures and the pandemic has put back the spotlight on “health” which had more often than not been tend to be neglected in the past. The outbreak of Covid has made humans realize the importance of safeguarding the health and it is only when you have safe and sound health that livelihoods can be sustained.

Treatment for pandemics and other diseases can empty your pockets, more so when you need to be hospitalized and undergo medical tests. This is where health insurance helps as people can get cashless treatment or reimburse their bills. On the other hand, if you don’t have insurance coverage, you will end up paying from your salary or savings.

Armed with health insurance, one can avail treatment from the best hospitals and doctors for non-acute medical conditions. So why would you buy a health insurance plan?

There are 5 key reasons why you should consider health insurance

1. Waiting Lists

The Public health system in New Zealand is one of the best of its kind when it comes to treating acute (emergency) services. However, one may not get the same level of attention from the medical fraternity when they are suffering from non-acute type diseases, which is more common. For example, someone who has had a heart attack and needs immediate surgery, or someone who met with an accident and needs to be treated immediately, can avail of immediate treatment.

On the other hand, when one is diagnosed with some heart disease which is not life-threatening and may require surgery, then the person would be put on the waiting list. This may cause deterioration in the medical condition of the patient just because he didn’t have insurance and is waiting for experts to give an appointment. Well, with health insurance, they can shift to a private hospital without having to wait for a longer gestation period.

2. Drug Funding

Normally, MedSafe is the nodal government agency in New Zealand that approves drugs prescribed for patients. Pharmac, which manages subsidized pharmaceuticals on behalf of the New Zealand government, doesn’t subsidize all drugs. When you have health insurance coverage then there is no need to worry as the insurance provider will pay for any drug which has been approved by MedSafe, even when the drugs aren’t subsidized.

3. Insuring When Healthy

It is always better to have health insurance coverage when you are healthy and not sick. When one has a pre-existing ailment, especially as one age, it is difficult to find insurance coverage.

4. Keeping Financial Stress at Bay for family

One of the primary concerns when a patient discovers about the sickness is “finance”, how to afford the bill where health insurance isn’t there. When you have an insurance provider to give you the hospital bills, the financial stress is automatically taken care of. It also helps them manage all future risks for themselves as well as their family.

5. Choice of hospitals

With health insurance, you can choose from a list of private hospitals to have treatments or surgery.